Sunday, 27 January 2019

3 songs on repeat chez Not Unloved

"Cheer Up, Charley. You ain't always been as big a mess".

So starts the first track on The Delines' latest lp, "The Imperial" (Decor). It sure sets the tone for a terrific album of sombre vignettes of lives/relationships gone a bit wrong somewhere along the way. The arrangements, the playing, the production and, above all, the wearied singing is just beautiful. Luckily, they're playing Glasgow tonight. I'll be the one blinking back the tears during "Cheer Up, Charley".

The good folks behind the Janglepophub Twitter account have teamed up with pals and started a label called Subjangle. Their first release, "Best Laid Plans", comes from Portsmouth's Lost Ships who, as befits a group on a label with 'jangle' in its name, know their way around a memorable jangling guitar line:

There's something of The Lucksmiths in Lost Ships' overall sound but they're that bit more strident. It's good stuff.

Reading the single reviews in the latest issue of Shindig! magazine (Billy Childish cover), I learned that The Spookies had sneaked out a second 7" (on Spain's Bickerton Records) while my back was turned. Scottish garage maven Lenny Helsing gave it the kind of review that must have had the be-fringed Nuggets/Pebbles lovers scrambling, all fingers and thumbs to the Bickerton bandcamp page.

"Please Come Back" positively glows with vitality. It's a euphoric listen that is up there with the recent lp by The Embrooks in terms of purpose, energy and the sheer quality of songwriting and hooks. Good times in the garage, that's for sure!

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