Friday, 3 January 2020

The Top Boost "Dreaming e.p." (You Are The Cosmos)

Spain's indie(pop) labels really are cornering the market in jangling pop these days. Last April You Are The Cosmos sneaked out Canadian group The Top Boost's "Dreaming e.p." while Not Unloved's back was turned. Thankfully, it was written-up in issue 98 of Shindig! so I didn't miss it completely. The title track is an immaculately recorded, sweet-voiced stomper that conjurs up images of clean-cut fellas in crisp duds and Ray Ban shades tapping their Chelsea booted feet in unison. Also, it's a real pleasure to hear the word 'reciprocate' in a song. If you've been flipping over Slumberland's essential round-up of The Springfields' stellar output, you could do worse than spending 8 minutes and 58 seconds in the company of the "Dreaming e.p.".

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