Thursday, 26 January 2012

Feel Right "North West"

Certain records need to be heard at the right volume to really shine.  For instance, Feel Right's "North West" (Icecapades) probably has to be heard at skull/resistance crushing volume to fully reveal its brilliance.  Luckily, that was the volume at which I first heard it (thanks G!) so I fell for its charms immediately.  There's something glorious about hearing a couple of kids throwing themselves headlong into their songs.  Hanging around is for losers!  Feel Right is one of the few British* groups I've come across who can hold their own with the Hozac/In The Red groups in terms of prime clatter and you can hear in their approach to recording an affection for the Guided By Voices/early Sebadoh school of lo-fi melodic pop meets metal bin lid battery.  According to the hand-numbering on my lp only 100 copies of the vinyl have been pressed so if your ears need a rub down with this particular scouring pad, best not dilly dally.  As the group says on 'Show Him', TURN IT UP!

(At the time of writing Soft Power Vinyl still has some copies )

* - They're from Manchester and consist of a member of the equally marvellous Former Bullies and the new to Not Unloved Waiters.

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