Sunday 2 June 2013

The Tonettes "I Gotta Know"

The latest instalment of Numero Group's Eccentric Soul series, The Dynamic Label, is, from start to finish, brilliant.  There are numerous show-stealers among its 21 tracks but the real diamond is The Tonettes' "I Gotta Know".  Pitched somewhere between The Cookies and The Supremes, it's as glowing a slice of girl group soul as I've heard in quite a while.  How I wish I had it on 7"!  John Manship currently has a copy rated at E+/E+ for 150 quid.  Even if I emptied my 'Monorail Money' piggy bank, I would still be about 145 quid short so I'll have to make do with having it on the compilation which, as hardships go, is pretty easy to bear.  Thanks, Numero Group - you've put some pep in my step a fair few times this spring!