Sunday 5 March 2017

Gentle music: Strawberry Generation and Hand Habits

Alan Godsell, the man behind Alan's Midweek Madhouse on Radio Saltire, is a true believer; a total enthusiast and evangelist for new music. On a recent show he played "Bathed In Blue" by new Providence (USA) group Strawberry Generation. Its dreaming beauty stopped me in my tracks:

My friend cried 'Blueboy!' on hearing it and it's a good comparison. That voice serves as a little reminder of what we lost when Blueboy's Keith Girdler so sadly passed away. There's not a second of "Bathed In Blue" that I don't look forward to but somehow the perky, Felt-like coda always takes me by surprise. Elsewhere on the (download only, for now) e.p., "Some Story" comes on like an ambient Scritti Politti. It's a real heart-sweller. Strawberry Generation is without doubt Not Unloved's favourite new group.

Similarly pretty and equally gentle is the debut lp from Meg Duffy's Hand Habits. A trusted friend recommended another group Meg plays with, Mega Bog, a year or two ago but I couldn't get beyond the dreadful name so made no effort whatsoever to hear their music - more fool me! There is so much to admire on "Wildly Idle (Hunble Before The Void)" (Woodsist) and it has taken its place in my affections alongside the best bits of Houndstooth's "Ride Out The Dark" lp and Soda Shop's lovely "Farewell e.p.". I'm now kicking myself repeatedly for not seeing Mega Bog at Rough Trade when I had the chance a few weeks ago.