Thursday 28 April 2016

That’s Life! / A day of duplicating and frolicking! (Good Press from 30/04/2016)

In September 2013 Glasgow's Good Press gallery/art collective presented the A History Of exhibition.  Conceptually sound, it was wonderful, hands-on celebration of cassette culture and music sharing which Not Unloved embraced fully.  Spool forward to 2016 and as part of Glasgow Zine Fest 2016 they're dusting off their high-speed tape duplicator to present That's Life! A day of duplicating and frolicking!.  There's an admirable cast of contributors this time including Roxanne Clifford (isn't her forthcoming Patience single for Night School a POP gem?!), Russell Walker of astute chroniclers of modern life The Pheromoans in the guise of The Teleporters and Good Press's own Jess, Nick and Matthew.  The Glasgow underground is well represented with Sean Armstrong of Spinning Coin/The Yawns, Happy Meals, Rob Churm, Michael Kasparis among many others contributing who knows what.  It's sure to be a blast!  The exhibition runs from 30th April to 19th May. Get involved!

Full details here.