Monday 25 November 2019

Cinéma Lumiėre "Love"

By all accounts Filipino newcomers Cinéma Lumiėre are huge fans of Sarah Records. Smart kids. On the evidence of their just-released single (digital-only...for the time being?), "Love", they also have an understandable fondness for the sophisticated charms of the prime Cherry Red/Él Records groups of the mid-80s. There's something of Tracey Thorn's downbeat classiness to the gorgeous vocals. Have you ever wrapped your cold ears in a warm towel lifted straight from the tumble dryer? That's the sensation I get from listening to "Love". If money were no object and if I were convinced that 300 people would buy a copy, I'd ask to release "Love" on 7" vinyl via Not Unloved in a heartbeat. With things the way they are politically right now, the world needs music (and visuals - check the adorable video) this beautiful.

Sunday 24 November 2019

Brown Paper Bag "Something Tells Me"

"Something Tells Me" by Texan garage rockers Brown Paper Bag ranks as one of the finest 60s b-sides - 1967 according to the internationalnetwork - to soothe Not Unloved's ringing ears. All the elements necessary for obsession are there: the gentle voice, the moody/haunting sound, the downer lyrics, the tremendous drumming etc.. When you add to all of that some stupendous swirling keyboards and a Shangri-la's-style talky interlude, well, I could EXLODE.

Friday 15 November 2019

Sarah Bethe Nelson "Too Rich"

There's been something of a deluge of lovely, countrified pop songs in 2019 and one of the dreamiest is, in Not Unloved's opinion, the swooning "Too Rich" from Sarah Bethe Nelson's tremendous third lp, "Weird Glow" (Burger). Sarah Bethe's vocals are so endearingly sweet and the melody so moreish that whole hours have passed recently without another song nudging it from the top of Not Unloved's playlist. From experience, it makes an ideal soundtrack to staring out the window watching late autumn breezes take the leaves from the trees.

A Certain Smile "Cherry Bomb"

2017's "Fits and Stars" by A Certain Smile was a huge hit chez Not Unloved (this song from it still sounds like a bona fide classicand their new single, "Bae E.P." (Koclicko), has already cheerfully barged its way into our affections big time. The lead track, "Cherry Bomb" (no, not that "Cherry Bomb"!), is a sparky number propelled by a superbly bouncy bassline and the kind of abrasive guitar that can exfoliate at 100 yards leaving everyone in the vicinity rosy-cheeked and beaming. Were someone to play "Cherry Bomb" at an indie disco where I was lurking sullenly in the shadows, I'd be knocking over drinks-laden tables in my haste to get to dancefloor to bounce around like a loon. There are only 100 copies for Europe so don't dilly dally...

Failed Flowers "Faces"

Slumberland Records is 30. Apart from that being a ridiculous fact, it is cause for POP fans the world over to a) thank their lucky stars that Mike Schulman was put on this planet to do good works and that he ain't no quitter and b) to celebrate wildly. At any celebration, of course, you need music and, helpfully, Slumberland always has us covered: "Faces" , the new single (released as part of Slumberland's 30th anniversary singles club - get subbin' if ya haven't already!) by Ann Arbor, Michigan's Failed Flowersshould have any POP party bouncing in seconds. Anna Burch, Fred Thomas and pals have crafted one of the most clear-eyed, instantly lovable fuzzy pop songs of recent years. It would have melted Not Unloved's frosted-up heart at any point in the last 30 years. Way to go Slumberland!

Wednesday 13 November 2019

Fleur "Mon Ami Martien"

Not Unloved loves a cheery Francophone pop song and even more so if it starts and ends with a few blasts of Martian-speak. Fleurs's irresistible "Mon Ami Martien" (Bickerton) is Sixties catchy and has more hooks than yr average 2019 album not mention a superb Joe Meek-style keyboard solo that'll have you reaching for your copy of "Skyman"The flip's no slouch, either, with its wild guitar and frantic keys. In short, this 7" is a mandatory purchase!

Spain's Bickerton Records has a great ear for a melody. In a fair world Not Unloved would, in summer 2017, have crawled over broken glass to evangelise about The Safes' certified perfect "Hometown" single, the video for which (take a bow Partick Oleksy) was an uncommon treat: