Monday, 25 November 2019

Cinéma Lumiėre "Love"

By all accounts Filipino newcomers Cinéma Lumiėre are huge fans of Sarah Records. Smart kids. On the evidence of their just-released single (digital-only...for the time being?), "Love", they also have an understandable fondness for the sophisticated charms of the prime Cherry Red/Él Records groups of the mid-80s. There's something of Tracey Thorn's downbeat classiness to the gorgeous vocals. Have you ever wrapped your cold ears in a warm towel lifted straight from the tumble dryer? That's the sensation I get from listening to "Love". If money were no object and if I were convinced that 300 people would buy a copy, I'd ask to release "Love" on 7" vinyl via Not Unloved in a heartbeat. With things the way they are politically right now, the world needs music (and visuals - check the adorable video) this beautiful.


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  2. Thank you so much for this wonderful write up. Cheers! - Xavier (Cinéma Lumière)