Friday, 15 November 2019

Failed Flowers "Faces"

Slumberland Records is 30. Apart from that being a ridiculous fact, it is cause for POP fans the world over to a) thank their lucky stars that Mike Schulman was put on this planet to do good works and that he ain't no quitter and b) to celebrate wildly. At any celebration, of course, you need music and, helpfully, Slumberland always has us covered: "Faces" , the new single (released as part of Slumberland's 30th anniversary singles club - get subbin' if ya haven't already!) by Ann Arbor, Michigan's Failed Flowersshould have any POP party bouncing in seconds. Anna Burch, Fred Thomas and pals have crafted one of the most clear-eyed, instantly lovable fuzzy pop songs of recent years. It would have melted Not Unloved's frosted-up heart at any point in the last 30 years. Way to go Slumberland!

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