Friday 15 November 2019

A Certain Smile "Cherry Bomb"

2017's "Fits and Stars" by A Certain Smile was a huge hit chez Not Unloved (this song from it still sounds like a bona fide classicand their new single, "Bae E.P." (Koclicko), has already cheerfully barged its way into our affections big time. The lead track, "Cherry Bomb" (no, not that "Cherry Bomb"!), is a sparky number propelled by a superbly bouncy bassline and the kind of abrasive guitar that can exfoliate at 100 yards leaving everyone in the vicinity rosy-cheeked and beaming. Were someone to play "Cherry Bomb" at an indie disco where I was lurking sullenly in the shadows, I'd be knocking over drinks-laden tables in my haste to get to dancefloor to bounce around like a loon. There are only 100 copies for Europe so don't dilly dally...

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