Wednesday 6 July 2011

Liechtenstein "Meantime"

Drill Building is a champion name for a record label isn't it?  Liechtenstein's second cd-r for the label hit the streets on the 5th of March but (to the best of Not Unloved's knowledge, at least) it's taken until now for it to appear on a British mailorder list (good work Pebble Records!).  The postman dropped mine onto the mat today and it's totally reaffirmed my love for the group.  "Meantime" is music for cowboy automatons to bust their mechanical moves to.  Somebody should buy Peter Crouch a ten gallon hat and a six pack of Stella, stick on "Meantime" and film the results!

Those unfamiliar with Liechtenstein's previous work are urged to direct their favourite browser to their Soundcloud page here.

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