Monday, 5 September 2011

Wax Idols "All Too Human"

Wax Idols' debut single has been kicking around for a wee while now but just landed chez Not Unloved.  I should have picked it up sooner but when I needed to hear its no-nonsense beat and shimmering guitars before now it was easy enough just to head to Soundcloud and stream it there.  Thinking back, there haven't been many more exhilarating singles this summer than "All Too Human".  It stares you right in the eyes before deciding it doesn't need you and swaggering off without you a little over 3 minutes later.  Hozac unearths a lot of groups but its their female-voiced groups like Wax Idols and The Shrapnelles that I find the most interesting.  I guess some of their male groups are just a little too greasy and boorish for my tastes.

Wax Idols 'All Too Human' by HOZAC RECORDS

(get it from SoftPowerVinyl)

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