Thursday 13 December 2012

Volcanic Tongue's Holiday Blowout ! (15th Dec 2012)

Further evidence of the current healthy state of Glasgow's record shops came last week when Volcanic Tongue moved from its first home, one floor up way out west on Argyle Street, to bigger premises down The Hidden Lane.  Like Monorail Music, Volcanic Tongue is one of the Glaswegian cultural institutions for which I have genuine affection, one that makes this city a way more interesting place to be.  Proprietors David Keenan and Heather Leigh Murray are a tight, tight unit with an unbelievable knowledge of and zeal for the musics of the margins.  The shop reflects their singular view of what counts in music and art.  It celebrates the unique, the lone voices who do their own thing, the truly independent; there's no room on their racks for fakers, phonies or mere cool hunters!  A chat about music with them is like a conversation with a couple of wide-eyed gospel preachers turned mescaline-wired Beat writers.  You can't fail to get fired-up by their enthusiasm and their ability to articulate what makes a record work for them.  Their total commitment to and support for the things they love is truly admirable.  To celebrate the move to the new shop they're having a Holiday Blowout.  Full details here and on the poster below:  Looks like ace fun to me!

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