Thursday, 19 December 2013

Most enjoyed singles of 2013

New singles:

  1. The Pastels “Check My Heart” (Domino)
  2. Girls One and The Grease Guns “Driving Without Headlights (Once Again)” (Squirrel)
  3. Veronica Falls “Teenage” (Bella Union)
  4. Marnie “The Hunter” (Soft Power)
  5. The Thanes “She’s Coming Back To Me” (State)
  6. The Fireworks “Runaround” (Shelflife)
  7. Joanna Gruesome "Sugarcrush" (Fortuna  Pop)
  8. The Mentalettes “Fine Fine Fine” (Copase Disques)
  9. Kids On A Crime Spree “Creep The Creeps” (Slumberland)
  10. Veronica Falls “Broken Toy” (Bella Union)
  11. Alpaca Sports “Telephone” (Duffelcoat)
  12. Pups "Month Long Sleep" (Where It's At Is Where You Are Singles Club)
  13. Bubblegum Lemonade “Have You Seen Faith?" (Matinee)
  14. Heathers "Teenage Clothes" (Death Party)
  15. Listening Center with Pye Corner Audio “Study Series 08: Projections” (Ghost Box)
  16. The See See “Featherman” (Great Pop Supplement)
  17. English Singles "Ordinary Girls" (Slumberland)
  18. Jacco Gardner "The End of August" (Trouble In Mind)
  19. The Jellies "The Conversation" (Emotional Rescue)
  20. Mad Nanna "I Wanna See You" (Soft Abuse)

Denise and Company "Boy, What'll You Do Then?" (Big Beat)

Should've been the A-side:

Sauna Youth "Oh Joel" (Static Shock) / Slushy "Pocket" (Randy Records)

Digital single that should've been on vinyl:

The Creeping Ivies "What Would Joey Ramone Do?"

What a year for the 7" single!

P.S. All titles above are links.


  1. Fantastic list... as expected!

    I'm a dance music refugee and have been buying 7" singles just since september this year and reading Not Unloved, RecordsILike and a few others along the way, so plenty of influence and common ground...

    Ten 7s Clash:
    10 English Singles - Ordinary Girls (Slumberland)
    9 Shopping - In Other Words (Milk) <- did not get... yet
    8 Pastels - Check My Heart (Domino)
    7 Nots - Dust Red ep (Goner)
    6 Tripping The Light Fantastic - Heavy Heart (Cloudberry)
    5 Alpaca Sports - Telephone (Dufflecoat)
    4 Fireworks - Runaround (Shelflife)
    3 Girl One & The Grease Guns - (Here Come The) Catastrophe Machines (Squirrel)
    2 Mentalettes - Fine, Fine, Fine (Copasedisques)
    1 Jeffrey Lewis & The Rain - W.W.P.R.D (Rough Trade)

    A solid stack of music by any measure...

  2. Thanks for reading and for the kind words. Blimey...your list is great! I haven't heard the Jeffrey Lewis and Nots records so I'll give them a spin. I'm bummed that I forgot about the Shopping single. Tripping The Light Fantastic's single is fab but lost a point in the shakedown for the guitar sound in the solo (just a hint of rock in there!) :)

    cheers, brogues

  3. I've been spinning records at home this weekend and the Girl One "Driving Without Headlights" is an amazing tune, it creates its own space almost anywhere in a set. My pick is for Girl One & The Grease Guns for Indie Act of the Year, I bet they would be amazing as a live act.

    As for the Shopping 7", it's one of the best of 2013, but sold out of its 250-copies while still on pre-order. Same thing with Alpacas 'Telephone' @ 300-copies. G1&GG 'Catastrophe Machines' was gone in 3 weeks. Mentalettes blew through 500 copies while on tour, Fireworks, 300 copies just won't last. No doubt it's difficult for labels to gamble on demand, but it would be interesting to hear from labels re 'market conditions' for the 7" single in 2013, as I have no real idea except that I can't find a Shopping 7" for sale anywhere on the planet. Perhaps I will have to file a 'Consumer Complaint' ;)