Monday 10 March 2014

Crime On The Moon Records

Crime On The Moon Records has an unblemished record to date2 releases (one 12", one 7"), 2 gems.  I half knew about Cold Beat's "Worms" 12" last year but, as is increasingly the case, it got buried under the avalanche of music struggling to be heard on blogs, Soundcloud, bandcamp, mixcloud etc. etc..  The intro is pure Thee Oh Sees but the chorus is the kind of carefree pop dream that Dum Dum Girls promised but didn't quite deliver before they went all knickers-on-show and mid-paced 80s boomy.  "Worms" is not only singalong brilliant, it's sufficiently odd in places to make you ache for the days of John Peel's radio show.  It would've sounded just sublime in that setting.

COLD BEAT - "WORMS" from Mike Stoltz on Vimeo.

Bridge Collapse's "Wilderness" 7"on the other hand is a touch darker but no less brilliant.  It's still eminently humable but wonkier, more Neo Boys.  It too would have slotted into a John Peel playlist with ease.

What links Cold Beat to Bridge Collapse is Grass Widow's Hannah Lew.  I've yet to hear a semblance of a bad Grass Widow record (yes, I am taking into account their jokey live spilt with Shannon and The Clams on which they covered EMF's "Unbelievable" in making that assertion!) so it's no surprise that her other groups are so thrilling.  Not Unloved won't be silly enough to not pay attention to what Crime On The Moon Records is up to from now on, that's for dang sure!   

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