Friday, 20 June 2014

Distant Drive / Looking For Real Love / Footwork

There are some immense singles around just now.  Here are 3:

> The Luxembourg Signal "Distant Drive" (Shelflife)

A solid contender for Single of the Year So Far.  It's been out for a couple of months but I just broke my 'no vinyl from the US due to prohibitive postal rates' rule to get it so it's current for me.  Beth Arzy from Sarah Records group Aberdeen is a member; I loved them, too.  That guitar line is a dream and a half and the vocals, well, they're Belgian chocolate sprinkles.

> Hollie Cook "Looking For Real Love" (Mr Bongo)

Now that the good weather feels comfortable enough to hang around for a bit in Scotland, Hollie's lover's rock makes even more sense.  Why this isn't blasting out from radios and car stereos and mobile phones up and down the land is a mystery.  Hollie's under-played singing style serves her well making her voice as welcome as a Magnum on a hot day.  Go on...treat yourself to one of the 100 copies on pretty green vinyl!

> Theo Parrish "Footwork" (Sound Sculpture)

Addictive. Not overly banging or attention-seeking, just addictive.

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