Friday 25 July 2014

Pang "Young Professionals"

Maybe it's because I just got my ears syringed and everything's sounding 67.3% more crisp but Pang's "Young Professionals" (Grazer) sounds more vibrant, more VITAL than almost anything else around at the moment.  They're canny enough to have assimilated the Swiss Rough Trade groups of the late 70s and realised that The Long Blondes were at their best on that 12" for What's Your Rupture?.  Not only is the guitar sound enough to make you throw things - anything!, EVERYTHING! - in the air with delight, but the "On, on, on" backing vocal refrain and the lead singer's screams are the most exquisite pop details of summer 2014.  More Pang, NOW!

(Thanks for the introduction, Mike!)

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