Wednesday 20 August 2014

An opportunity

Paul Groovy and The Pop Art Experience's "Andy Watch Out!" (Bite Back!) was one of the coolest* singles of the late 80s.  It came to my attention some time in the 2000s when it was the standout track on Topplers Records' "Free See Dee Three" compilation which I claimed (it really was free!) from the counter of Monorail Music.  It took a few years of looking but I eventually managed to get an Ex/Ex copy of the 7" from a German discogs seller.  If I'd waited a bit, however, I could have got an unplayed copy as Paul Groovy himself is selling a 'factory fresh' copy on ebay this week.  I'm guessing he has unearthed a box so if you miss out this week, keep looking as there's sure to be another along soon**.  I took my copy to The Poetry Club last Friday but the right moment to play it never arrived.  Maybe next time.

* - A catchy, clattery DIY 45 recounting the tale of Valerie Solanas's notorious attempt on Andy Warhol's life wrapped in a faux-Warhol sleeve?  Its cool credentials are undeniable!

** - Paul Groovy and The Pop Art Experience's appearance on Cherry Red's deluxe version of C86 has hopefully stoked up some interest in the group so now should be the right to sell 'em!

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