Sunday 15 February 2015

Marshall Scott Etc.

For many years now, Saturday mornings have started with sleep-listening to Brian Matthew's Sounds of the Sixties on BBC Radio 2.  As with Peel's show, he plays such a wide range of material that I never like everything but every once in a while he'll play something new (to me) that cuts through the haze and has me scurrying to the internet.  This week it was romantic beat merchants Marshall Scott Etc..  Unusually, my search turned up a great British Pathe video in which the group step Mr Benn-style straight out of a gentleman's outfitters - check the guitarist's tartan trews! - into the grounds of Woburn Abbey to mime their tender 'Same Old Feeling' single:

Looks like the drummer went to the Ringo Starr school of larking about and smiling!  With its easy charm and sun-steeped melody, it's hard to believe that 'Same Old Feeling' wasn't the handiwork of a bunch of tanned Californians.  Now to find a copy on 7"...

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  1. Someone posted a link to this video on a 60s music forum. It caught my eye because Marshall Scott fronted the house band of the Horseshoes pub in Wandsworth, south London. My neighbour, Alan Cleobury-Jones, was drummer with them and I used to go there once a week, in the early 1980s. Although I sometimes talked briefly with Marshall, I knew little about him, except that he was a pleasant chap with a nice, smooth singing voice. His repertoire usually included the Casuals' "Jesamine", Bobby Vee's "More than I can say" and Cliff's "Carrie".I moved out of London in 1984 and haven't heard of him since.