Wednesday 21 December 2016

Toulouse "Checks and Credit" (Tinseltones)

Back in my Tinseltones days I put out Toulouse's "Checks and Credit".  I was so proud of how it turned out: dazzling/dizzying tunes, gorgeous sleeve (more than a hint of Belle and Sebastian's art style, ahem!) and heavyweight Czech vinyl.  I just noticed that it was shared on Soundcloud:

Nearly two decades on it still sounds fresh and vital (ha!) and I feel proud all over again.  If only I still had a bunch of copies.  I'd give them to people who would love them.  Still, it''s pretty cheap on discogs.  Go on treat's Christmas!

P.S. Note the note on the discogs page:

"remember the lost bands who never had a hope: "checks and credit" by toulouse, it was scratchy, it was great"
(comet gain: "the ballad of a mix tape")

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