Wednesday 4 January 2017

2 fairly new tunes of Scottish origin

"Bosnia" is the first Le Thug recording I've been aware of since their 12" on Song By Toad - "Paints" in particular - sent me into something of a spin in December 2014. It's a sparing, low key return but equally memorable. Gone is the hazy One Dove danceability, replaced with sepulchral ambience. After a day spent working to Grouper and Lightning In A Twilight Hour, it really makes sense.

Tomorrow Syndicate may have been a going concern for around 5 years and call Glasgow's Southside home, but they were new to Not Unloved when in late 2016 Polytechnic Youth announced the details of their 7". "Into The Void" is a fine debut. There's a welter of this Ghost Box-y, Krautrocking stuff around at the moment (most of it good, I'd contend) but "Into The Void" is succinct, dramatic and melodic enough that it holds its own among the likes of Cavern of Anti-Matter and Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation. Polytechnic Youth only pressed 250 copies so it may already be scarce. Get on it!

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