Monday 2 October 2017

The Trend "Band Aid"

Don't you love studio chat on records? Thinking back, I'm pretty sure the reason why I love it so much can be attributed to Paulie Chastain's endearing "Hey, Mr. Engineer man" at the start of  his adorable "Raining All Day". There's a fine example of studio chat on the astounding "Band Aid" by The Trend where the young guitarist starts playing the wrong song. Something about his response to being corrected doesn't ring true, suggesting it might be scripted. Whatever the truth, it's a fine way to start a track. "Band Aid" is a knockout punch of a song, full of bite and lovable ineptitude (the brief guitar solo shambles along like a shopping trolley missing a wheel). "Band Aid" was a YouTube recommendation and I fully expected to pay 20 quid for it on discogs. A quick search, however, revealed that it was a $1000+ single. It just goes to show how little Not Unloved knows about punk! Thankfully, Rome's Hate Records reissued it in 2016. Turning up a copy proved to be tricky, Hate having long since sold out of it, but Slovenly's online store eventually came up trumps. Now to play the a-side...

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