Sunday, 24 December 2017

Dreamin's For Free

With 7"s being released in ever smaller pressings and becoming pricier by the year, it's impossible to be on top of every good label, or cherished (micro)genre so, inevitably, a lot of gems slip between the cracks and when they do, it's always a downer to see just how expensive they've become. After Did Not Chart shone a light on The Flying Stars of Brooklyn NY's sublime "My God Has A Telephone", I followed a bunch of sidebar links and found myself smitten with Benjamin and The Right Direction's ultra-romantic "Dreamin's For Free" (Palmetto St. Recording Co.):

Sure enough, a quick check on discogs revealed that it is now a £100+ record. Not for the likes of me, then. Ah well, at least YouTube-in's (almost) for free.  Benjamin and co.'s 7" was released on Palmetto St. Recording Co., which seems to be a sub-label of the mighty Daptone Records whose garage imprint, Wickjust unleashed the zesty new Mark Sultan single. "Let Me Out":

It's sure to have people in highly flammable clothing frugging wildly at retro-themed dance parties the world over. Mark Sultan is scheduled to play both Edinburgh and Glasgow in March, 2018. Let me in!


  1. It's impossible to keep track of everything. I look hard enough on the soul scene, but even so many wonderful songs slip past. Like "Breathin' Hard (Over You)" by Camellia Hartman & The Soulful Saints from early this year
    I love those Benjamin (Dreamdancers and The Right Direction) singles, but missed out on them. He had some records out on the Cherries label a few years ago. Cherries seems to have stopped, but their (microgenre alert!) synth-funk-boogie output is worth a listen, especially the Social Lovers releases.

  2. Oh my...that Camellia Hartman song is to DIE FOR! I ache in my gut that I don't have the 7". How will I cope?

    1. You spoke and we listened...fresh press of "Breathin' Hard (Over You)" should be in stores this spring with a brand new tune on the flip!

      -Billy (founder, Dala Records)