Saturday 2 June 2018

2 new post-punk purchases

Every now and then YouTube's algorithm is so on-the-money that I have to begrudgingly admit that big business sometimes gets it right. A couple of years ago the name Disturbed Furniture showed-up on that site's 'Up Next' sidebar. From the first few seconds of "Information" I knew that I was destined to become obsessed with it. Just listen to those ridiculously fast funk guitars and that insistent, spongy bassline not to mention the strident vocal. The Rapture and the rest of their punk/funk ilk in the early 2000s would've made a pact with the devil to sound this brilliant. If discogs is to be believed, the group only made one single but lead guitarist Phil Shoenfelt went on to release an e.p. for Mark E Smith's Cog Sinister label before releasing records on Paperhouse (The Pastels, Teenage Fanclub, Half Japanese etc.). A few unplayed copies came up for sale recently. They'd been used in an exhibition of punk art at the MoMA in New York. There may be some left - check ebay.

Ski Patrol's "Everything Is Temporary" was comparatively cheap and looked interesting so I took a punt on it. It's a beguiling mix of angry lyrics, dub vocal effects and clanging guitars that at times achieve real momentum. There's a lovely bit around 2 minutes in where the bass goes for a wee wander. Turn up the bass and listen, indeed.

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