Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Blades of Joy "Be Kind"

Twitter can be a force for good. That much has always been true. Recently Glenn Donaldson (of The Skygreen Leopards among others) posted 10 records that he reckoned had slightly slipped under the radar in 2018. One of them was an lp on Melters by San Francisco's Blades of Joy. "Be Kind" from it has been almost ever present in my head and heart from the moment I heard it. Maybe it's because the intro calls to mind the winsome strum of The Lemonheads' take on Love Positions' adorable "Into Your Arms". More than likely, however, it's because the singer, Anna (no surname listed on the artwork and a solid 10 minutes of rummaging online hasn't revealed it...) has one of the most beautiful new voices I heard in 2018. The rest of the lp is packed with sublime melodic moments, though, I suspect, the younger, dourer me would have baulked at the rockiness of some of the guitars. Still, what did I know back then?

N.B.The ever astute PopLib posted about Blades of Joy in September. I must have read that post on a day when time was short so it went in one eyeball and out the other. Silly Not Unloved!

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