Thursday, 31 January 2019

NUSONIC003: Tight Knit - 'Too Hot' b/w 'Want You'

It took all of 30 seconds for Not Unloved to flip for Melbourne, Australia's Tight Knit. Looking to play some shows in Glasgow in summer 2018, they dropped-off a CD-R in Monorail Music and on hearing it, our friend Russell (thanks - we owe ya big time!) got in touch to say that he'd heard Not Unloved's new favourite band. Boy, was he right! Ange (guitar, bass and vocals), Caitie (guitar, bass and vocals) and Jamie (drums) craft the kind of endearingly romantic pop that reminds you what your heart is for. The two gems which grace NUSONIC003 highlight different aspects of Tight Knit's music. The catchy 'Too Hot' on the a-side amps up the insistent guitar scorch whereas 'Want You'  on the flip is more considered until the huge chorus kicks in at which point it becomes an anthem for the yearning. In a just world that chorus would be chanted, arms aloft by weary but happy punters on the final night of the next Indietracks. Tight Knit should be clutched to the chests of those who pored over the hallowed pages of Chickfactor eager to learn what was next on Slumberland or K Records. Tight Knit are something special. Prepare to fall in love!

Due February, 2019
320 copies
7" black vinyl (w/ bandcamp download code)
Risograph sleeve by Sundays Print Service (Glasgow)
Available from the Not Unloved Records bandcamp soon!

While Ange and Caitie were in Glasgow they filmed a coupla songs for The Artsy Vice show in the cool performance space of The Old Hairdressers. Their songs are from ~11mins 40secs onwards but be sure to watch the rest of the show as Rocky Lorelei et al are ace, too.

Tight Knit on Instagram
Tight Knit on Facebook

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