Sunday 28 July 2019

October 8th - Amy Rigby "Girl To City: A Memoir"

This October Amy Rigby releases her memoir, "Girl To City" (Southern Domestic). On the evidence of her incredible songs and her self-effacing but winningly astute blog, it's sure to be an entertaining, sharply-written document of a fascinating life. Over the last few years, through some genuinely moving shows (yeah, there have been unexpected tears) and perceptive/touching records Not Unloved has come to regard Amy as one of the greatest songwriters, well, ever. There are very few writers whose songs are so emotionally direct without ever being awkwardly confessional. She's a real talent, that's for sure and I hope the book is real success - she deserves it. Here's the trailer (what a song!):

If amazon's your thing, it's available pre-order in kindle and paperback versions.

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