Tuesday 3 September 2019

Doug Tuttle "Twilight"

It's got to the stage where it's almost 100% certain that any record that bears the name Doug Tuttle will find a happy home at Not Unloved. Unusually for 2019, I don't even bother sampling them online before buying. I know - crazy! His latest lp, "Dream Road", came out at the very end of May on Burger Records but only recently showed up in Glasgow. "Twilight" from it has a really beautiful video that perfectly suits the softly psychedelic music. Interestingly, "Twilight" never quite builds to the expected singalong chorus and the more predictable fuzz guitar solo is eschewed in favour of a more subtle flute-like backwards guitar interlude; it's all the more memorable for such thoughtfulness. It may have come out in late spring but on this dark, damp evening, autumn seems like just the right season during which to get to know "Dream Road" better.

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