Wednesday 14 December 2022

Hooray Pour Sylvie!

When seemingly everyone on Not Unloved's various social media timelines was posting the big data analysis of their digital listening in 2022, it got me speculating as to what our most listened to song of the year might be. I'm pretty certain it's "Falls On Me" by LA supergroup Sylvie which technically emerged in August 2021 but only appeared on vinyl in the UK in autumn this year. It's an exquisitely played, recorded and, above all, sung (by the excellent Marina Allen) slice of heartfelt Laurel Canyon-rooted grown-up (shiver) pop:

Music so indebted to Joni Mitchell, The Carpenters and their ilk isn't often heard round these parts so it has come as a bit of a surprise just how often I've craved hearing it. It was a small feature on the group in Shindig! magazine that brought them into Not Unloved's orbit and the involvement of Sam Burton, in particular, that ensured that their music earned a curious listen. In late 2021 Sam Burton's "I Am No Moon" was something of a constant companion as there haven't been too many songs in recent years that have managed to evoke the twin spirits of Fred Neil and Nick Drake quite so successfully.

Coincidentally, a recent cheap 60s 7" buy was "Hurray Pour Sylvie" by Canadian singer and actor Richard Cazes. It's a ridiculously catchy slice of bubblegum fuzzbeat with absurdly clattering drums - the intro is almost demented! - and manic energy throughout. Richard's voice isn't my favourite from that era but I still dig it enough to blast it frequently.

Hurray pour Sylvie, indeed!

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