Sunday, 26 February 2023

Glas-Goes Pop! 2023: another indiepop happening

2022's inaugural Glas-Goes Pop! was a real blast brimming with bands operating at the top of their games e.g. The June Brides (holy smokes - if that was, as claimed on the night, their last ever show, what a way to bow out!). At the time it felt like it would most likely be a one-off so it was a genuine thrill when it was announced a little while ago that there would, in fact, be a 2023 edition this July (28th/29th). As with last year's shebang, the line-up is great with big names like Go-Betweens legend Robert Forster and Belle & Sebastian's Stevie Jackson sharing billing with Sarah Records greats Even As We Speak (they were so great at The Old Hairdressers 5 years ago!) and, excitingly, The Luxembourg Signal. With members of The Luxembourg Signal calling San Diego and Los Angeles home, I'd consigned them fairly and squarely to the Bands I'll Never See Play Live In Glasgow file so it was a real joy when their name was announced. I'm doing some heavy duty Noel Edmonds-style cosmic ordering to ensure that they play this moody masterpiece:

The full line-up so far is:

Robert Forster
Stevie Jackson and Friends
BMX Bandits
Even As We Speak
The Luxembourg Signal
U.S. Highball
McCookerybook & Rotifer
The BV's

Roll on July! Get the full scoop by following the links below:

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