Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Aggi Doom single launch!

My admiration for the music of Aggi Doom is well documented so there was never any doubt as to where I was going to be on the evening of Sunday, May 27th - I was only ever going to be at Mono for this:

When I heard that Palms (another great Glasgow group who deserve to have their music pressed onto vinyl) and Northern American War (who, if I remember correctly, were just grand in support of the insufferable Ut and the mighty Divorce last year at Stereo) were also playing, I was even less likely to be staying in to watch Antiques Roadshow.  It's sure to be a memorable evening.  Come along, buy a 7" and salute Livingston's Soft Power Records for having the smarts to make an Aggi Doom 45 a reality.

Palms are sure to play this and it's guaranteed to slay:

Those screams: great on Soundcloud but thrilling live!

Non-Glaswegians can buy the 7" here

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