Monday, 28 May 2012

French Kissing "Wild Woman"

One of the best tunes around at the moment for busting awkward shapes to is French Kissing's completely genius "Wild Woman" (Croque Madame).  If someone ever compiles a Girls In The Garage-style compilation of Geeks In The Garage it will surely be track #1.  I love all its little changes in momentum and the sing-song way in which one of the chaps bemoans that "Everybody's dancing.  Nobody's listening. No one hears the words.".  "Love Is For" on the flip visits the same 50s diner world for a soda and a flirt as Hunx and His Punx did on their fab "Too Young To Be In Love" lp.  With 2 strong, fun sides, this is one boss disc and no mistake!

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