Wednesday 21 November 2012

Heaven Bound

Gaylord Fields' on stage introductions to the various acts at Saturday's Chickfactor show were smashing.  In fact, he was a warm, funny and endearingly enthusiastic presence throughout the weekend and his sunshine pop selections upstairs in The Lexington on Sunday were real heart-swellers.  The only one which I plucked up the courage to ask him about turned out to be by Heaven Bound - a 1971 group who recorded songs by Roger Nichols and Neil Young amongst others.  Happily, their records can be bought for sums which don't have you living on beans till payday; £1.49 + p&p was all it took to secure a 45 of "He'd Rather Have The Rain":

If ever a song was destined to be enjoyed by Duglas T Stewart, it's this one!  It would make a terriffic BMX Bandits b-side, I reckon.

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