Monday 26 November 2012


To Not Unloved, April March is best remembered for her extra cute take on Chantal Goya's extra sweet "Mon Ange Gardien" released on magnificent 10" vinyl on Bertrand Burglat's extra suave Tricatel label in the late 90s.  Around the same time, however, she supplied extra bratty vocals to Bassholes' extra crunchy version of E.S.G.'s hovering new wave classic "Moody" (on Long Gone John's Sympathy For The Record Industry).  As is so often the case, however, I was totally unaware of this fact.  I really must pay better attention.  Thanks to the twin titans of YouTube and ebay I now not only know of its existence but have a copy although I got nowhere near the same thrill sending a few pounds via PayPal to an anonymous seller as I did when chancing upon that Chris Stamey 7" in the "70s Oddities" section of Wax Factor.

Update: I've just noticed that among the lyrics to "Moody" are the words 'emerald', 'sapphire' and 'gold' - the e, s and g of the group's name.  How could I not have noticed that in the decade or more since I bought that amazing Soul Jazz E.S.G. compilation?  I really must pay better attention!

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