Monday 25 February 2013

Oh Joel

If Galt Toys sold a craft kit for assembling your own pop record, the chances are mine would end up sounding a lot like Sauna Youth's "Oh Joel".  It really could've been made to order for Not Unloved!  It zips along, it stutters, it fuzzes, it's uncomplicated, it has clear, slightly petulant female vocals, it has a guitar solo that Brian May would look down on and it has Joey Ramone on the cover, for goodness sake!  It's like a now-fi version of The Fizzbombs.  Fab!

Get it here.

(Big thanks to @NorthernLight27 for the tip. I would never have picked up on it given that the A-side is a cover of a song by the abysmally named Pissed Jeans.)

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