Saturday 16 February 2013

Glasgow's a-go-go!

Excitingly, it's only a week now till new pop upstarts Golden Grrrls launch their debut lp at Stereo.  It feels like it's been a long time coming but on the evidence of their fizzing singles and the two tracks on the lp's bandcamp pageit's going to be an essential purchase that'll take some shifting from my turntable.  Support comes from Joan Sweeney's (of Aggi Doom) new group Seconds and Manchester's saucily named (blush!) but brilliant Sex Hands.  Unmissable!

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The following weekend, a new pop night, All The Rage at Blackfriars, will fill the void left by National Pop League's departure a few years back.  With such a fine list of groups listed on its flyer, attendance for all pop minded Glaswegians is mandatory.  Best buff up yr dancing shoes, then!

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