Monday 18 March 2013

Our Other World

Former guitarist with both The Gun Club and The Cramps (amongst others), Kid Congo Powers, is touring the UK this week with his group The Pink Monkey Birds.  Unfortunately, however, he's not playing in Scotland.  That's a real shame as I'd love to hear these words sung live; they're like little time-faded vignettes from an undiscovered John Waters movie:

I was a teenage punk working at a Hollywood Boulevard record store
Rick James came in
He was irritated at Glory Halle-stupid
He broke the records
In the jazz section, some shoplifting drag queen was ODing in a pair of rollerskates
5 albums under her T-shirt

(ooh ooh ooh aah)

It was our other world

When I was a teenage punk me and some freaks took an a LA Greyhound bus to New York City
There was Darvocets
A mono cassette player
Crazy color
Dancing in our seats
People were pissed
We couldn’t help it

It was our other world
It was our other world

From the "Gorilla Rose" lp on In The Red

There's an excerpt from "Our Other World" here

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