Sunday 21 July 2013

Los Cripis (Argentina) in Glasgow

Everett True's at times cranky, at times over-ecstatic Collapse Board site is always worth a visit; it always sparks a discussion at they very least.  Last November his 'Song of the Day' was by Los Cripis.  In many ways they're the archetypal Everett True group: predominantly female, musically ragged but sweet-voiced and with an irreverent spark.  Excitingly, their European tour is rolling through Glasgow this Wednesday when they play Stereo with Seconds.  By all accounts Seconds are well worth seeing, too, with Joan Sweeney from Aggi Doom/The Royal We etc. whipping the songs into shape like some Scottish Siouxsie Sioux.  Unfortunately, I don't have any Los Cripis vinyl - hopefully they'll have some for sale (they have a tour 7"!) at their show - so I'll probably set the right mood by blasting those precociously peppy Emily's Sassy Lime records from the mid-90s.  Which, of course, means this MASTERPIECE of high school pop will be played on repeat.  Heady days!

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