Saturday 5 October 2013

Fuzz Filled Dreams

There aren't many folks around with a better handle on what makes a truly great garage tune than Kris from Record Turnover.  When he recommended this yesterday I knew to get on it straight away:

Holy smokes what a shredder!!!  The keyboard player is called Gravel.  That's all you need to know.  This group has Neanderthal blood coursing through its veins!  I just received the 'Order Update' email from No Hit Records to say that my copy has been released into the wilds of the postal system.  When it arrives there's gonna be frenzied tearing and the fevered turning up of the volume knob.  Until then, I'll have to make do with hearing it this afternoon when Kris DJs at the Double Sight Weekender (Mchuills, 5pm, FREE!).  "Fuzz Field Dreams" just scorched my brain and I'll never be the same.  Such savage thrills!

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