Thursday, 17 October 2013

Moscow Olympics "Reprise"

Whenever Moscow Olympics emerge with a new record, it's invariably worth making a point of seeking it out and their new single "Reprise" (Beko), is no exception.  It's the best example of that hazy, sun-bleached mix of prime Sarah Records/Factory Records I've heard since Korallreven's heart-stopping "The Truest Faith":

Groups like Beach Fossils, who mine similar sources, may have a slightly higher profile but Moscow Olympics do it best.  There's a certain wrongness - possibly the over-eagerness of the beats? - to "Reprise" that stops it from being too precious and makes it all the more enjoyable.  I'll never tire of records like this; never be the one to cry "derivative!" - they're too pretty for that.     

Brits: Pebble Records has copies for a sensible price.

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