Friday 15 November 2013


Confessions of and accusations of lying have been flying around these parts today.  It's like the House of Commons! A recent trip to the wonderful, if over-stuffed (there are piles of records heaped on top of the racks and boxes and boxes of lps at your feet while you browse) Wah Wah Records yielded a copy of Groovie Records' 2011 compilation of the output of Swedish mid-80s garage revivalists The Crimson Shadows.  "Even I Tell Lies" is the finest example of frenetic, organ-led garage I've heard since The Chesterfield Kings' "She Told Me Lies" knocked me clean off my feet a couple of years ago.  Alternating the two at volume is a sure-fire way to whip yourself up into a frenzy of hand-claps and high-kicks!  

The first appearance of the tambourine and harmonies is one of those indescribably brilliant pop moments.  Sure it's been done time and time again but, when it's done that well, it's a genuine thrill.  I've always preferred my cavemen to have a refined side, too.

Years ago I proclaimed to a friend that only The Seeds could do keyboard-riddled pop/garage well.  I'm happy to report that I was completely wrong.  Only an ignorant fool would make such a pompous, needlessly definitive statement!

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