Wednesday 13 November 2013

The Thanes "She's Coming Back To Me" (State)

Just a few weeks ago I was looking at the picture of the young Lenny Helsing in Sam Knee's "A Scene In Between" (Cicada) envying his ace garage band 'do and then he goes and releases the ALIVE, in-the-moment blast of The Thanes"She's Coming Back To Me" (State Records) and now I'm envying him all over again.  Just listen to that burst of scrambled, post-McGuinn jazziness at around 1 minute and 27 seconds and tell me that it doesn't make you want to punch the air with sheer delight; so unexpected, so wild, so vital.  The Thanes have cut hit after hit in their two and a bit decades and "She's Coming Back To Me" ranks alongside the best of them.  For some reason the riff reminds me of the start of the Crossroads theme which is no bad thing - it just adds period colour.  I hope The Thanes play somewhere in the Central Belt (of Scotland) real soon so that I can go a little bit loopy - inside, of course - nobody really wants to see a middle-aged man pogoing about like a loon! - when they play it.


  1. hey
    totally unrelated
    but i realised recently i was already a rose melburg fan- was obsessed hugely with this flying nun-esque song a couple of years back and made the connection a couple of weeks ago....

    1. Yes! Great song. That Brave Irene record is a smash from start to finish. Rose can do no wrong, that's for darned sure. I'm so glad Slumberland is around to release stuff like Brave Irene.

      cheers, b

  2. Hey Not Unloved...just wanted to say thanks for the glowing review you gave our She's Coming Back To Me single here...cheers and here's hoping we get out to play again soon...cheers - Lenny of The Thanes

  3. You're welcome, Lenny. It's a fabulous record! I just got "Downbeat and Folked Up" in the post today. Can't wait to get tore in!

    cheers, brogues