Thursday, 9 January 2014

Something Inside

When the reconvened Loop played Edinburgh's The Liquid Rooms in late 2013 they were supported by pummelling psycho-beat merchants The KVB.  Having enjoyed the early 80s housing scheme blues of their lp for Clan Destine, I made a of point of arriving in time to hear their set.  From 7:30pm - crazily early, if you ask me! - they unleashed blast after punishing blast of squalid noise assembled from hollow drum machines, squealing guitars, max-doom synths and submerged male vocals.  It was a wholly exhilarating experience!  At that point I had not yet bought their reissued and expanded "Minus One" record (on The Brian Jonestown Massacre's A Recordings) so I didn't know to pay special attention to the head-scrambling fuzz attack of "Something Inside":

I'm sure they played it and I'm sure it messed with my hair (they were that LOUD!) and my future hearing prospects.  With such darkness abounding it feels like the right time to pick up and then wallow in the sunglasses-after-dark underworld of the recent 39 Clocks vinyl reissue on Luxury Products:

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