Friday 7 February 2014

CRUISING "You Made Me Do That"

Ever since the early Pavement e.p.'s led my ears towards the crunchy side, a hefty amount of fuzz and distortion allied to a good pop tune is a shortcut to my heart.  On the evidence of "You Made Me Do That",  CRUISING deal in heftier levels of fuzz than most and know their way around a chunky, insistent garage punk tune:

Has there been a more enjoyable ear-walloper since Catatonic Youth's mighty "Control My Gun"?  Not that I've heard (although all suggestions are welcome!).  Hopefully, somebody will feel it incumbent upon them to have it pressed-up on vinyl.  CRUISING boast members of both Girls Names and September Girls so it's no surprise that the first song they've unleashed is such a prime slab of austere scuzz.

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