Thursday, 6 February 2014

Thorn In Her Pride

Have a listen to the intro to King Khan and The Shrines' brilliant "Thorn In Her Pride" (from the belting recent "Idle No More" lp on Merge) and see if you, too, feel the compulsion to scoff a Cadbury's Flake:

The King and his lovingly assembled troupe of reprobates are easily one of the most unforgettable live acts I've had the joy to witness.  Scenes from their 2009 show at Glasgow's Stereo (accurately reviewed here) are branded on my retina to this day.  It was a gloriously kitsch, hootin' an' a hollerin' celebration of old time rock'n'roll kicks. Never in one place, least of all the stage, for long, the King roamed through the crowd taking various band-mates with him.  At one point the keyboard player hauled his vintage Vox or whatever it was onto the roof of the lift adjacent to the stage and played it from there (I hope he had done his online Working In Confined Spaces training beforehand - health and safety is important, after all).  What spectacle! What mayhem! What joy!  King Khan and The Shrines return to Glasgow in April.  I'd feel like a total dud if I missed it.

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