Wednesday 24 December 2014

It's Holiday Season!

Marva Holiday season, that is.  In October The Quietus ran former Boo Radleys fellow Martin Carr's Baker's Dozen.  One of his choices was Marva's irresistible mover"It's Written All Over My Face":

It's such a joyous piece of music with lots of little euphoric builds that sweep you along and before you know it your feet are moving and your hands are clapping.  It was originally released on GNP Crescendo of Hollywood, USA.  The only other records I have on that label are by Sky Saxon's keyboard riddled garage troupe The Seeds; you have to admire the breadth of some 60s labels!  Helpfully, a couple of years ago it was included on Kent Records' cd "The Cleethorpes Northern Soul Weekender 1993-2012 20 Soulful Celebrations".  The other Marva Holiday 7" to have found its way into my record box is a split with The Magicians as part of the aforementioned Kent's Select series.

"Rising Higher" is a brilliantly brassy blast of accessible pop soul with some great Impressions-style male backing vocals:

Like "It's Written All Over My Face", it was penned by the multi-talented Mirwood Motown staffer Sherlie Matthews whose place in my heart was assured the instant I heard and flipped for The Belles' "Don't Pretend".  "Rising Higher" was included with a host of other treats on the "Kent 30: Best Of Kent Northern 1982-2012" cd.  The entire staff at Kent Records really should be getting recognised in the upcoming Queen's New Year Honours List shouldn't they?  Sir Ady Croasdell would look great on the 6Ts flyers!

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