Friday 26 December 2014


"I just take my time
 I don't need to rush
 I feel good about
 Being good to you"

One of the most elegantly languid tunes to appear in my life of late has been "Paints" by Glasgow's  horrendously named Le Thug.  'Appear' because I didn't seek it out - it was on a free cd-r given to those who attended The Green Door Studio's 7th anniversary wingding at The Poetry Club last weekend.  If "Paints" is any guide, Le Thug aren't the pistol-toting, gold toothed gangsta rap crew their name would suggest but a gauzier, dronier version of the divine One Dove.  Clio Alexandra MacLellan has the most heavenly voice.  It carries the melody of the chorus like cherry blossom on a warm breeze.

From the looks of things, "Paints" used to be on the group's bandcamp page but isn't anymore so I can't share it here.  Hopefully, however, if this picture on Song By Toad Records' tumblr site is any guide, it'll be released on vinyl at some point soon (see track 4):

Right now I'm regretting the fact that I wasn't aware of Le Thug sooner as they played The Old Hairdressers on December the 2nd.  It would've been great to swoon and sway to "Paints" particularly as I was on holiday that week.  A missed opportunity.  Fortunately, the Christmas holidays will afford the time to become familiar with the songs posted on Le Thug's Soundcloud page.  Here's hoping that there's something possessing even a tiny fraction of the finesse of "Paints".

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