Monday 25 May 2015

Vital Idles

Scant minutes into the first show by the Good Press Gallery house band, Vital Idles, on Sunday, 24th May 2015 at Glasgow's The Old HairdressersI knew they would be a group I would clutch to my heart.  Informed by the sounds of the early 80s DIY revolutions in both the UK and New Zealand, they zipped through a succession of ever more adorable songs.  'The Garden' was a high-point.  Sensibly, someone saw fit to film it:

Jessica, the singer, is a terrific performer prone to bouts of vigorous dancing and insouciant mic use.  Sure, not all the notes she hits are the expected ones, but this ain't opera and sometimes a bit of wrongness makes things right.  Each of the elements of their sound is as it should be: rhythms are thumped out unfussily on a minimal drum setup, the bass is tight and propulsive and the guitars have the immediacy of Buzzcocks or Crystal Stilts.  Manchester-based label Comfortable On A Tightrope has just released a tape of Vital Idles demos.  Get it on bandcamp or from the label.  Oh,and if you've ever wondered how the children of Messthetics might tackle The Smiths, then wonder no more:

Their inauguration into playing live was such a blast that I can't wait to see Vital Idles again. Somebody make it happen, please!

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