Sunday, 19 July 2020

I Ragazzi dai Capelli Verdi "Un Tipo Per Te"

At the start of 2020's lockdown I owned precisely no records produced in Italy in the 1960s. It's hard to remember why I started digging around in that country's pop past but the process has yielded some great 45s. First, there was an ace thumper by The G-Men which featured on Not Unloved in March, then a wonderfully woozy slice of helium-voiced baroque sunshine pop by I Jaguars and most recently the fizzing torrent of guitars that is I Ragazzi dai Capelli Verdi's "Un Tipo Per Te":

The green vinyl 7" of "Un Tipo Per Te" - it's on the flip of "Ragazza Note" - is a fairly cheap buy, even in these days of over-inflated prices for anything deemed halfway collectable. Around 20 quid is worth it for that bit at around 1:42 where the Byrds-y solo fades out leaving you thinking that the song is over and then BOOM!, the galloping guitars and sneering attitude crash back in making yr heart beat that little bit faster.

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