Sunday, 19 July 2020

Nein Rodere "Feeling and Form"

Nein Rodere is the current working musical alias of Berlin-based (but previously Glasgow-resident) artist and musician David Roeder. There's a track on his latest, largely instrumental, tape, "Catch Up With Social" (self-released), that stopped me in my tracks. "Feeling and Form" is one of the prettiest, most seductively atmospheric new tunes to have dropped outta nowhere into my lap in 2020. The room ambience, the tape hiss, the relaxed tempo etc. give it the feel of a stoned late night Pastels or Movietone rehearsal (see also this track). It's the kind of diamond that Volcanic Tongue used to dig out of the New Zealand or Australian underground scenes with surprising ease and wouldn't be out of place on one of Carla dal Forno's unmissable monthly broadcasts for NTS Radio.

Glaswegians are advised to reserve a copy from Good Press immediately!

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